lundi 1 octobre 2012


Everyone had their third eye wide open at Orford best local bar, the Burger Pub

great night

Alexis getting some snowboard knowledge  

Ernie and Gibz got their third eye wide open

great things happen with shotgun and big beer buck

fred is so local, that he has a slope at his name at Orford. it's now in the bar !!!

Al got some love that night 

al and will 

 barbe and rick. barbe broke some stuff later that night. it was epic !!

we put this on before Pigeye ! get that motivation for next year

chicks and shots. the kids were lucky

Ernie and fred.

Gilles is entering the Bar half of fame for best bartender out there ! 

Jé and Frank


Gloves and beet, Jonat is Digging the BurgerPub 

Probably my favorite shot of the movie. 

Jonat ender is straight fire. 

talking about fire. ernie gibz and fred were making their own.