vendredi 28 septembre 2012

PIGEYE premiere in Montreal - Total Mayem

Pigeye with two punk band for 5 buck only

skating the bar all afternoon before the mini ramp was ready

Axe poping chair like we was poping bottle 

Axe grinding the bar

Jé and the Pigeye banner

the pabst ramp is ready for all

no DJ, the Streech start the night with some evil rythym 


Jé, Jule, Sean and Gab getting everything ready

Sean and Jé doing some name dropping 

 Crowd was raging during the movie.

getting that high view on the movie

at a time in the movie, people were trashing !! perfect

people cheering during Dillon part and did not stop the whole movie

Arnette fools

beer were being splash during the movie 

movie is ending, everybody's stoke

Those guys showed up and put the whole place upside down !

A dance laury dance trash is always painfull 

the bar beside the ramp late in the night

 Dillon gave the ramp a lesson 

Barbe came to cheers for his boyfriend tribute part Fred !

Cameron was "Su'l PIG" 


Probably the best photo of the night. Clo Gab and Alexis.  

 Clo and Jé enjoying some good drink 

Great people 

Laurin is doing the wing man,  


t-shirt were being rip all night

gui and nic

drinking was on the "ordre du jour"

p-o, jé, jo and vince 

 jé and axe

 jo and vince

LP, Russ and Cameron were loss canon at this point 

mart and panda

is that sean traer right there ? 

yes it is, and he was chilling ! 

 Yan from the SpinLimit shop 

 LP close the movie as he close with girl !

What we sould have done more that night

after night poutine mofo !