dimanche 11 mars 2012

The Quebec/thedford trip

Caza chilling with some of his quebec friends

jo getting those RDS money clips !

the best park ranger getting that set-up ready

the snowboard breakfast club

the artist and now, the producer !

you gotta have fresh gear to text bitches !!

laughing ren !

normandin has a bar, fuck yeah !!

we said the same thing you probably say to yourself right now : haha fuck that

but were no pussy so we got to work

all of our energy later, it's done !

massive difference

Jé: hey nic your back ?!?
Nic: yo i never left !

pas en chest, en bédaine !!

axe not cool about that 7 feet of fresh snow over the rail

massive press !

trying that new nowamean pro model!

jé trying to snowboard again ! tail press fs1 out

a big press for Jé, but a small press for snowboarding !!

le ptit suisse au repos !

ed tardy fool !