lundi 13 février 2012

a couple of days 30 under zero

carpet dog

mic's got no more juice, so he's having rum instead, to the last drop !

the guy is not stoke with us and he's taking picture paparazzi style. you might wanna get your hand on the next issue of chicoutimi most wanted !!

found this at mic house, yeah i'm stoke!

the highest view point in chicout for sure.

rusty shit

gab to get the biggest bagner of the trip right here, yep a marvelous bail !

thanks to the bungee pullers....fucking icy impossible run up

axel large on a -35 rail mission

windy session

axel LARGE

mic place is awesome, we might rent the place for next winter

large finest diner !

large eating alone cuz is dinner took 5 seconds in the microwave

he still ended up with us drinking and eating our food (cuz his was horrible)