mardi 5 mars 2013


nic flying high over a drunk beaten gab

jonat tremblay doing his version of the tornado flip. 
cut on the rail after the jump to control flip 

 emile watching gab doing his thing

clearly the hardest bail of the year, Mister Belanger got up and back on his board to nail the trick

smooth night

it was Vince Roy birthday, he nail the first trick of the day

jay prod feeling the weird subway lady 

 transformers are watching over the city

 man that is sad to see, perfect 2 line rails. 
emile chilling in front of the fiore

our roomate 

 man that was a new shirt
gab car light are now awesome

for the next month, if you see this guy, call him MISTER Belanger !!

Scores Art 


jonat tremblay getting ready for the night sess  

thanks you mcdo for the free stuff

secret frig at the homies zone 

such a badass 

emile is a nature lover 

sherby squad was in town ? squirrel prod?

perfect spot to shoot ! 

fast and furious 

we did the train at the monster