mardi 12 mars 2013

Chicout part 2

bangarang motherfucker 

gab ghetto drink 

we got this 6packs for half price 

skate night at the bar 

tom has the new skier swag, so 2015

charest doing his white balance on clouds baby 

great night 

its a yoga thing 

 filmer hard life..

 fucking pic pic 

 fucking pic pic there to

 sunset filming

 send that to my 'ptite', she was tripin !!

getting serious and checking the hard work 

celebrating the hard work 

yeah fuck you to!! 

open bar so beer was wasted all night long.. 

our pigeye was open

gotta pay more to have charest in your bed bitches 

axel charest and tom 

 yep things got weird

and weirder 

 great fucking night


axel got a hard morning on the way back 

 gab the dog whisperer

axel chilling with his dawg

great crew great times