lundi 18 mars 2013

7 or 8th, Golden Crown, we lost count !!

Some good times at our local contest GOLDEN CROWN in Orford. 

Nic Fauteux took 1st in the Ams division. Proper 50-50 to Method out

 L'americain checking the 5rails line before the jump section

While the contest was on practice mode, we found some knee deep action with l'americain and Illusion co-owner philantrope !
phil breaking hard 

l'americain is bringning the booze ! 

 the guy from the lake
Don't know if we can call him a young buck anymore, he's been firing up this year with a full part in the next movie Bangarang plus, he took first place in the pro division this year ! Proper Gap Method to fsboard. 

fred lac was killing the course with a style smoother than a hot summer mashmellow 
You know what else was killing it, my cellphone photography timing  !!

the man behind the Bruners snowparc was judging this year, great job !

man the metal crown medal were sick, thanks to l'Americain. 

 1-Alexis Mailhot
2-Fred Lacroix
3-Rene Caza, the guy behing the 8Chapitre and claiming the come back of the year. Snowmission, watch out !!!

behind the scene ! 
vip bitch