lundi 21 janvier 2013

The Doppelgangers trip

We had a blast spending a couple of days in Ottawa. 
Thanks to all the homies back there. 
Top of the World

Road trippin with Belanger, Ojo, Theriault, Moite, Beardsley and Gogo.

Rick's making egg sandwich at the spot. 

moite dill and russ chilling

wtf guys less chilling more riding

beardsley portrait

once you enter Traer's town, you can't come back. Dalhousie's a trap

 that's where our taxes goes. money promo

doing the region tour
meet the homies at Top Of the World

time to visit the Oaks fools

there's poutine in ottawa.

dill finding the best spot to chill

The Oaks guys knows how to received guess ! thanks again 

gotta play some basket when your in Oaks territory

yep Oaks guys build an Igloo at the back of the shop. 

 it's holding cuz of the pabst, strong beer

rumors true, get a Nowamean tattoo and you get free sponsorship. 

earning money playing dice to pay for the ink while being inked... classic 

Lauzon is a boss !! and he's Oaks boss to !

dill's fan 

not at our finest hour


Belanger and Honneger 

Honneger getting some more of the sweet ink 

go support. 

yep, we made that night the pre teaser release party. everybody was stoke on it. 

 casquad rider Marc-A séguin was stoke on it !

gogo and pagé 


 boys only, things got smash

classic night with the Oaks fools. 

beardsley praticing his swing 

moite got some good feeling on the Oaks mini mini ramp 

bar was awesome. and the best snowball fight at the end was epic.  

and we found thériault doppelganger !!