jeudi 17 janvier 2013

the best chumé trip part 2

Sweden is awesome

after getting some shots, we got some pingpong pool pizza and airguitar, classic 

empire trick list is going well this year 

 anto's sequence is pretty dope

trying to get arty with a cell..

 moite and dubeau

the guys enjoying the view

desh is the biggest chilleux 

sickest faceshot OAT 

black is the new pabst 

we ran into JP 


moite tried to be ken block 

classic scene 

sickest cofee cup 

verville went to hit his little school kink. big stuff

Max Verville


Pillule shoveling that down rail, legit stuff 



 moite got the sickest tattoo 

he should get those Globe shoes right away 

ran into the Timebomb crew again, those guys are on fire this year 

max doing his thing 

gotta strech before doing those bagner spots