lundi 26 novembre 2012

BYP 2012

Couple of shots from the madness that went down in downtown Montreal last saturday.
some photos i took, some i stole from RenRob and Yann Roy.

russ and gogo are ready to get some metal feel.

 the twin are in town

russ and tom 

nic zik with his new tomohawk haircut 

 anto the lonesome rider


the two best friend 

jo truchon manage to ride the final with some mighty manoeuver 

the two best friend 

 jo truchon with his fs 2 blunt

i had the best spot to wacht this contest. judge tent, beer pizza with beauch and april.

the monster riders

Ojo transfer flat rail to fslip

truchon back flipin 

marcoux cab 2 was massive 

marcoux wallridin 

fred lacroix bluntin 

dorval cruzing around 

gogo bs lip that bitch

gogo fs 2 that bitch 2

anto made the podium. sweet 5000$ richer 

zach aller take the highest step with a very clean final jam ! 

epic night in montreal.