lundi 8 octobre 2012

PIGEYE in Chicoutimi

Traer finally made it to Chicoutimi

YES, hell was raise there

jule picking up his nose

LP and Ju, the Bruners left their make there, if vomit can be called that
Sup ladies
Dill was ready to open his third eye

Traer got those fools for the 5 hours trip

Jé and Gogo got the groopies for that 5 hours drive !

Traer and LP ready to cross that Hell Gate

ahhh mcdonald monopoly is back !


 Dill was balling all weekend

We found ERIC studing in the back of the shop !!!

Homies pencil, get yours

Mic, Homies co-owner

Got some leg moving after that long drive

the homies ramp

Jule snap a cool 5-0 for the ladies 

Jule got that nosegrind lock tight 


The boys are back in town....except Traer

Lp got that high boardslide to get the ladies attention  

Finally, Rick won one ladies attention that night cuz of that marvelous bench slide

Gab trying to get lucky, oh no wait that his cousin

four arms traer

traer going for the clean manoeuver right there 

Our local boy Nic tremblay
Got some early viewing in the Homies shop.

SNOWJOB is still on the wall

Where the mayem began

the third was open that night, maybe a bit too much, sorry for everything that has happen there

a dance floor that turns and strip pole in the bar, hell yeah !!

next morning, Morin was lost and nobody seen him after the bar. he just arrive from the bushes, classic!

pit stop to get back on track in Quebec