lundi 2 avril 2012

Shakedown portrait

Shakedown is always a great day. Friends riding, friends tanning and some drinking some sweet cold drink. Seing Collard and Godbout, some former Nowamean fool, trowing themself from the big jump was pretty fun.

Here's some portrait of the day.

Al was the voice of the event, pretty good call !

That girl don't who's behind her, the predator of all the small girl in the world, 'le ptit suisse'

huuum cold

caddy was drinking wine, pretty usal for a bourgeois!

it's pretty unsual to see Gab this calm.
that's more like him.

mister hamel with some straight chilling.

i bet you want to be that frice !!
ah quebec girl and poutine
Yep i was well rounded!

Ledoux is always busy. business is routine for him 

Max doing some chicks texting !
Max and Traer having some confort moment.
Tardif fell in love again, with a nice butt. Intasgram #philtardif and you'll know what i'm talking about

Traer's hat stole the show
traer in all his glory
The chicoutimi fool came to rock, one the skate rail jam and the other the sweet young jam !
Probably the best way to show the way we were all seing after the night !