jeudi 5 janvier 2012

stupid sherbrooke with no snow.

all the setup we wanted to hit were not working so we end up hitting the long c rail with arena snow... sick for the end of december.

lp is really glad about this marvelous spot.

barry and Ernie getting ready.

this sucks.

it was a pretty fun session in the end.

lamothe got what he came for.

a road trip in sherbrooke, snow or not, is always good when you stop here.

ernie and hurricane

jule in the brousse.

bon appetit.

emile had 9,23 and his food cost him 9,23, that's just to sick !!!!

we want you to smoke inside, it's just the law that don't want to.

martin 'knows better' ojo got the no 50

axel is just chillin

two happy camper.