mardi 15 novembre 2011

quebec premiere weekend.

we couldn't go trought the parc to get to chicoutimi, because of the storm and those stupid wheels, so we stayed in quebec city and did the Snowjob premiere there with the guys of Time Bomb and their movie All of Us, a must see !
crazy times for sure.


old school esso tour.

well hello

visiting quebec.

now that a old deck.!

yes we do limoilou

perfect shop.

a nice little history.

sup dog.!


nowamean has never been prettier.

traer did that move way too much that night !

a house party is always welcome before a premiere.

crazy night with the Time Bomb guys !

the first snow.

gab-clo-jé in a perfect hangover mode.

hurricane bélanger on his little cruiser in the bowl.

the Globe cruiser, so fun.

thank you quebec for this.