samedi 26 novembre 2011

The CIRCUS was in town !

TEAM OFR and René Caza were back for a second years in the Oberson parking lot with the circus rail jam ! fun times for sure

that guy right there is an artiste.

aller and brown

verville is ready

traer and st-amand are on the judging payroll tonight

it's a circus, of course the taco gang guy will arrived as clown !!

the orford kids are there for sure !

ricard is already a bit to drunk to ride. pretty usual for his first snow session of the year !

the infamous niz zik portrait. get yours at your local shop

moite is ready to sweat !

maxence rocking the mit !

verville shirt is just to sick !

pépin and laroque came to spin to the limit

langelier has the trick of the night, bs 540 face straight to concrete, classic

lopes and ojo brought their mojo

brosseau marcheterre and gerber watching the show

st-marie and dorval got their game on lock tonight

jonas and brown

victo is gangster as hell, and tardif with marcoux are ready to deal some tricks

lacroix is stoke to have finally finish the rail

that filmer is a true pirate

lamothe got the ladies love

veilleux arrive 45 minutes, no big deal

jay cool and lacroix practicing their christmas smile

a flip with a handplant or something like that. anyways it was cool

zach bs1 sw nose press is sharper than my picture !

right at the end

zach sw board 270 out is massive

zach with a cab1 5-0

vince with a clean bs1

Taco clown delevering hot red sauce with a fs 1 5-0

sweet fsboard

tardif miller flip's over the tiger's cage

nic fauteux with a good 50-50 fs 3 out

mart got some bagel on that !

mart frontboard trought the kink

MARIO first jump in 7years, going strong with a proper tindy

dorval on his way to backlip land

jonat with a sick late bs 1

jay dub going crazy with a fs 1 540 out

fs lip like an eagle

fs blunting

of course now, at rails contest, there is one guy that always flip

boardslide trought the kink

that kid got one of the smootest board 270 out

alexis don't care about the tigers watching, lipslide 27o out

and emile destroyed everything with his own style
seat belt to lip