lundi 24 octobre 2011


SNOWJOB montreal premiere was at the Foufounes electriques, the old home of the WIG TIME premiere. So of course, it's the perfect place!
the place was crowded by chicks and dudes hungry for real good snowboarding !
oh yeah, we had a mini ramp lock up in the bar, so we skated all night with all the homies !
perfect night
here's a couple of bad quality photos.
wait for the skate edit and the good pictures in a few days!

the celsius pool lounge

the big screen Signal screen

the PBR mini ramp

girls beer and skate, that's what's up !

sean traer, steph groulx and gab bélanger finishing setting up the ramp. emile veilleux help to but was probably gone drinking again !

the beight guys are stoked !!

a clean view of the bar before we trash it all up !

Rome's rep Alexis trying to get some love, well beer love !!

one of our best filmer jay boivin got this brand new signal jake O.E coat !

anouk and frank beering !

minutes before the movie

when Gab dagenais was young, he always had the milk bottle, now it's beer...better !!

l-p dorval at the bar, well it's home for him !

ramp crowd

pat tremblay, eric lamothe et axel theoret were killing the ramp, poor ramp.

he is probably looking at some boob or a really sick skate trick, cause it's sick look !

signal's glass mount are the best !

the movie is playing this year, said jé !

just the sickest crowd !!

of course, it all end up at La Banquise for some traditional end of the night poutine !