lundi 31 octobre 2011

shitty picture from the st-hyacinthe contest

We still don't why Gab was inscribe to the contest, but we went anyway and manage to have lots of fun with everybody there.
i took tons of picture but was pretty much talking during the shot the all night so the shot all turn out to be shitty.
anyway we don't care, just a good night at St-Hyacinthe.

tacos are in this year !!

rick starting off with a sweet 5-0

rick fs boarding

phil with a 2in 2out

max gab and alexis watching the second wave of rider

mat is one of the funnest guy to snowboard with.

sweet cab 1 5-0 to bs 1 out

yes a pretzel would be nice on that fs blunt.

done, but he broke his board while landing.

i am sure Gab didn't hit that rail regular (as always)
pretty rad sw bs lip

just sick that lamothe is cruising down this rail totally unaware that l-p is on the other rail stomping a gap bs 3 in on the flat rail first try.

emile with a funky fs board tuck knee bagel

dillon rode super good all night, too bad he didn't went home with some cash.

axel was piss for not landing

youngster alexis got the fs blunt lock tight.

alexis with a sweet fs lip.

this is another trick totally unotice again, by the guy with the mic and the guy trying to judge in the car.
but P-L just warn us before that he was going technically big!

alex moite was doing it right with a mighty board 270 out

no need to say more, l-p is a boss !

l-p was trowing it again with a gab to bs 270 in

i don't know what the judge were doing, but i know what Gab was doing, a smooth sw bs 1 with a casual style

young alexis getting serious stylish with this stalefish to fslip