vendredi 28 octobre 2011

random photos taking place in my computer

you gotta love the pitcher at the burger pub !

boats from paquette and wille

fucking stupid

beenies are in !

witch movie you gonna choose

fucking clips


capita premiere at montreal.

traer ?

the first one

yeah bixi got some WU

so what's new ?
ah just been grinding a lot you know

julien's got a salvador dali's stache

julien and sean really smash at jé's birthday

brand new 32 boots

stupid cheap showel


pedo bear at it again !

well that is nice

waking up with that is a good morning at the chalet !

not in the big league yet

jay boivin's editing for snowjob

the most stupid tatoo i've seen

ginger's dont drive, they sleep

hey honey, wan't me to bring you home