mercredi 6 juillet 2011

a bit of this summer.

congrat ti-pat for this shot in the King Shit magazine

ginger and sean checking porn

jule filming pat at this high yellow rail

11.00 pm, the pudwill insane part begins

"Already been done" in progress

only jones is crazy enough to hit this spot

best game ever, and only 25 cent

skating session with booze and friends, summer times

winter or summer, we shoot this spot

dan mat was there to shoot some better picture than me !

go skateboarding day

go skateboarding night

yes we say it again, DANCE LAURY DANCE FUCKING ROCKS !!!

russia vans ?

well that is nice to find

oli is getting so sweet sensation at Gab's little skatepark

damn right it's on !

perfect hangover mix

game seven of the stanley cup and the 4L pitcher are 16 $, we all don't remember shit

ginger at the Village des valeurs, he's tripping

gab is crooking at his little park

yeah we were smoking beef, sausage and all sort of shits !

fred and oli enjoying this sweet sunset skate session

yeah we like them wild !

cliché night, alex is down and jule is always in the shot

gab and stoner

the lucky seven, best wax out there

you know it