dimanche 29 mai 2011

life during the off season

shity pictures

newest trand in montreal, banana belt in the bar !

we really suck at bowling, Ledoux should definitly stick to snowboarding and cooking !

Jé got attack 2 times by dogs in his life, those one came close to do a third face scar !

WTF ?!?

this is the best photo my phone ever took !

longest hide and seek record, but we got the bastard.

tof got some steeze

beer and skate at rosemont skate park

Montreal closest parking ever ! good job chuck

Dance Laury Dance really fucking rocks !!!

if you say so..

drinking on Jé's roof !
hockey night

Ginger got the nurse's number !!

meantime, we tough of him and got his beer !

sick stepchild add

WTF AL ?!?


the one and only Lizard King at the shop.

after LOVE/HATE, this is definitly the best movie out there !

working on the movie

it's Sean 25 birthday, let's get really fuck up !

Toyo is celebrating with Kurt his first SBC apparition with a switch kick to crook just below!

yeah son !!!

Pro Pepsi drinker Ti-Pat, our producer Sean and our filmer Jule with NEFF guy Alexi are forming the bike crew - notice Alexis is the only one with brakes on his bike...gayyy